This video reviews treatment guidelines for patients with DMD and emphasizes the importance of clinicians intervening early on behalf of individuals who develop behavioral-psychosocial comorbidities.
Patients may be more willing to accept some adverse effects than others. Dr Kane offers advice on addressing side effects that prevent patients from maintaining their medication adherence.
Can a patient-centered approach to treatment be adopted for patients with schizophrenia? Can these patients take part in shared decision-making? Follow along as Dr Harvey shares his expertise.
For patients with depressive disorders treated with pharmacotherapy, measurement-based care is effective in decreasing symptom severity, promoting remission, and improving medication adherence.
Explore the neurobiological, psychological, psychosocial, and cultural determinants of opioid use disorder, and review approaches to integrated, culturally competent care.
What are some of the challenges you face in overcoming adherence issues and providing patient-centered care for people living with schizophrenia? Drs Harvey and Kane offer evidence and clinical experience on these topics in this journal CME activity.
In a series of brief video segments, experts in neurology, psychiatry, and primary care discuss the diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.
What diagnostic criteria and assessment tools would you use for dementia-related psychosis? What strategies may help when discussing psychosis with patients’ family members? Dr Ballard considers these topics in this brief CME activity.
The quantification of antipsychotic levels in blood, or therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM), could aid clinicians in numerous challenging scenarios. Learn more about using TDM for dosing decisions in this journal CME activity that describes expert consensus.
Does the capacity to consent vary between medical and psychiatric patients? Are tools needed to assess the patient’s decision-making capacity, or can the provider’s assessment be relied upon? Review the results of a study that sought answers to these questions in this CME journal activity.


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