Regular screening of UACR and adding finerenone to SGLT2 inhibitors can greatly impact T2D at risk for CKD. Join faculty as they discuss three patient cases.
Patients may be more willing to accept some adverse effects than others. Dr Kane offers advice on addressing side effects that prevent patients from maintaining their medication adherence.
Can a patient-centered approach to treatment be adopted for patients with schizophrenia? Can these patients take part in shared decision-making? Follow along as Dr Harvey shares his expertise.
What are some of the challenges you face in overcoming adherence issues and providing patient-centered care for people living with schizophrenia? Drs Harvey and Kane offer evidence and clinical experience on these topics in this journal CME activity.
Supportive therapy is a practical and flexible psychosocial intervention that busy practitioners can use to help patients struggling emotionally with a medical illness. Learn more in this CME journal article.
Patients may not understand how LAI antipsychotics can benefit them. How can communication be improved? Read this Academic Highlights to find out.
What can you do to combat relapse in your patients with schizophrenia? Dr Lauriello discusses identifying and addressing nonadherence to antipsychotics.
Patient-reported outcomes are important for assessing the impact of schizophrenia and the success of treatment. Dr Correll discusses patient-centered care.
New treatments for schizophrenia may improve symptom domains other than positive symptoms and reduce adverse effects. Learn more in this CME activity.
In this CME activity, learn how to use patient-centered care to enhance medication adherence and aid functional recovery in schizophrenia.


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